360 nevidljiva pivot sarka

Coming soon – 360° pivot hinge

360 nevidljiva pivot sarka

By mid-next year, we expect another innovative product from our architectural hardware supplier, Ozone Overseas, to be available in our market.

This concerns an „invisible“ pivot hinge that allows doors to rotate 360°. The self-closing pivot hinge provides a perfectly functional solution for creating large doors spanning the entire height of an opening.

Pivot doors are one of the most effective ways to create an exquisite and exclusive interior while utilising the maximum available space.

The 360° hydraulic pivot hinge has an incredible capacity of up to 200kg and 2500mm height. It is designed in two variants: for framed doors like aluminium or solid materials such as wood, where it’s completely invisible, and for frameless glass doors, providing complete transparency.

Combining several revolving doors with pivot hinges in the middle can create a practical and effective dynamic wall.

The pivot hinge is quickly and easily installed without embedding in the floor, ceiling, or floor preparation. It is designed similarly to the Ozone Plus hydraulic hinge. The rotation is for 360° with an option to stop at 90° or 270°.

For inquiries, you can reach us via the contact form or by phone and watch the assembly process and functionality of the product in the video.

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