We do things our way.

Passionately aiming to enhance user comfort and breathe new life into space.

Without shortcuts.

Carefully conceived solutions have long-term benefits for our daily lives.

In partnership with you.

Using our knowledge and expertise at the creative, technical, and operational levels, we’re your multidisciplinary partner who plays an active role in every phase of your project—from concept to final delivery, service, and maintenance.

On every task.

We collaborate closely with teams in architecture, interior design, construction, glazing, carpentry firms, and aluminium and PVC joinery and facility companies.

We deliver excellence.

Our esteemed employees, with their professional approach, expertise, and years of experience, contribute daily to CASA’s sustainable development and success.

We have completed numerous projects within Serbia and beyond our country’s borders, and each time, we look forward to a new challenge.

Delivery, installation and maintenance

  • We have established direct partnerships with manufacturers, offering shorter delivery times and competitive prices.
  • With a stock of over 1000 different types of products, we can meet your needs quickly and efficiently.
  • We are experts on the performance of all our products, understanding their capabilities and limitations in detail.
  • Our team is committed to completing your project on time and to the highest standards. We provide professional installation and service for all products in our range, thanks to our in-house employee training and professional installation training provided by the manufacturers.
  • Our commitment to customer satisfaction doesn’t end after the delivery and installation of your products. We are here to support you during and after the warranty and non-warranty periods, with post-sales support and service.
  • We understand that the needs of your business may change over time, leading to a need for relocation or partition redistribution. We are here to help with these needs as well.

Consulting and specifying commercial projects

  • Successfully solving technical problems is a challenge on every project. We have the knowledge, creativity and experience to understand your goals and determine what products you need. Consulting services are the first step in the process of our cooperation.
  • Specification is an essential process that provides a detailed description of the materials, products, and standards that need to be met for the successful completion of the project. By including technical specifications and instructions accompanying the design early in the project cycle, performance requirements are established from the outset, reducing the risk of over-budget, delay and post-specification.
  • Our cooperation with you aims to facilitate the specification process. We will help you solve the technical tasks on the project and provide you with detailed schematics and product descriptions so that the process of communication and execution runs smoothly and according to the design intentions.


Services related to design, drawing preparation, and project completion are integral to our product delivery and installation process. We work with you from the concept stage to the final installation.

REUSE service

  • We have developed a new initiative with our clients and the environment in mind called the Reuse Service. This service offers a tailored solution that improves the ecological performance of our glass partitions and doors.
  • Benefits of Reuse Service

  • The benefits of our Reuse Service include minimal investment, a reduced need for energy to produce materials, and related emissions. The service can also help our clients achieve various environmental certifications, such as BREEAM and LEED.
  • Process of Reuse Service

  • Thanks to the modular nature of our glass partition systems, we have worked on several reuse projects over the years. Our solutions allow change, adaptability, and reuse during the product’s lifecycle, offering endless design possibilities.
  • The process starts with the client’s decision to reuse existing systems. Our team of experts then conducts on-site inspections to assess the quality and feasibility of products for reuse. Based on this, we determine which products can be reused and which will be separated for appropriate recycling.
  • Our design team incorporates all repurposed products into the new custom design of the client, returning them to the material supply chain. The last phase is disassembling and reassembling our systems into the “new” client space. Our highly trained installation team will work carefully and efficiently to provide exceptional customer service and installation of the highest quality, precisely on time and within budget.
  • Would you like to know more about our Reuse Service? Please call us or send an email to discuss your project.

Are you preparing for a new project?

Consult us to develop and realize your ideas.

You are an Architect

You approach work creatively, seeing opportunities where others see limitations. You solve problems, paying attention to form, function, and sustainability details. We know deadlines constrain you. Technical support, fast and precise communication, and solutions that are equally stunning in appearance and performance are essential to you.

We are the perfect source for your creativity. Our technical knowledge and refined design passion will shine even on your most ambitious project. Our direct and collaborative approach has provided us with productive professional relationships and consistent work with numerous architects.

You are Contractor

You aim to minimise risks at every stage of the project. You always need help with unexpected problems. You enjoy the trust of investors and have a reputation to protect. You constantly balance deadlines and budgets, respecting the intentions of the designer.

We are a reliable and consistent partner you can count on. Our experience in working on demanding projects will help you find a solution that is practical, reliable, within your budget, installed precisely and on time, with a quality guarantee.

You are the Facility Manager

You’re seeking a better way, not a cheaper one. Saving money is crucial for you. You have many things to manage, from plumbing to technology to lawn maintenance, and everything needs to function perfectly.

You know the high costs of servicing poor products and sacrificing performance are always more expensive investments. Time spent on repairs returning to the field without a workforce means costly maintenance.

In our range, you’ll find renowned manufacturers, those who have been in the market for decades. Reliable products with top-notch performance ensure the long-term efficiency of the installed materials. We are here to provide technical support, explain installation methods, or install the product.

You are an Aluminum or PVC fabricator

Your day is filled with constant acrobatics with customers, suppliers, communication with the warehouse, and production. There always needs to be more time for all tasks. The most crucial aspect is that everything is delivered and installed for clients within the deadline. Easy installation and a product that works without issues and fits within the client’s budget are crucial. Clients rely on you, trust you, and want to engage you for interior work. Everyone wants a complete service in one place, reducing the number of contractors.

Your job is closely related to our segment; you have employees with pre-knowledge in assembly. You can rely on quality products available for fast delivery. We take pride in the quality of our service, setting us apart. We’re reliable, respond quickly to your inquiries, and are ready to provide you with project specifications, technical support, preparation, training, and supervision of the first installations. We’ll ensure to integrate you into the business and collectively expand your business. It’s easy when you have the right partners.

You are company

You plan to expand your business and enter a new space or want to modernise existing offices, a clinic, fitness, or wellness studios. You reached us through an architect’s recommendation or an internet search. Having a trusted contractor for your vision of future business would be best. You have a set budget project or have found inspiration on Pinterest.

Commercial spaces should be destinations that visitors always willingly return to. We believe in the harmonious connection between people and the environment they interact with. We’ll help you create and implement an effective space management that promotes productivity, saves costs, and becomes a place of inspiration and relaxation for your clients and employees.

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