Mobile Walls Made Of Solid Panels


Personalized and Versatile

Our most sought-after mobile panels offer flexibility in shaping spaces for various activities. At first glance, these sturdy, solid walls can transform a hotel’s functional area into conference rooms in minutes, turn several offices into a meeting room by simply opening a mobile division, or create a sports hall for evening school.

One large banquet hall can be divided into smaller areas for events to co-occur without interference. The floor is unobstructed when the mobile walls are open, with no tripping hazards.

How SONICO Mobile Walls Work?

SONICO mobile walls consist of independent sandwich panels with manual or semi-automatic operation along the upper aluminium rail. Each panel has top, bottom, and side seals that ensure the panels are securely connected, provide stability to the mobile wall, and prevent sound leakage.

Panels can be parked at one point (under the sliding rail) or two points (parked elsewhere), depending on space constraints and client preferences.

The flexible rail and bracket system allows for easy operation and countless panel positioning and parking configurations.

Panel Construction and Finishes

The partition panels feature a self-supporting aluminium frame reinforced with steel and high-quality panels on both sides.

The panels’ interiors are constructed with high-performance sound-absorbing materials.

Glazed panels, which also offer sound insulation, come with transparent, coloured, frosted, or etched glass.

The choice of finish for each panel depends on the client’s specifications, providing complete creative freedom. Some options include high-quality melamine, hard laminate, vinyl, digital printing, steel plates, acoustic boards, and veneer.

SONICO Mobile Walls are available in four different versions:

  • Type 100: Features slim visible vertical aluminium profiles with a panel thickness of 107mm.
  • Type 110: An aesthetic version with hidden aluminium profiles and a panel thickness of 119mm.
  • Type 120: An aesthetic version with hidden aluminium profiles and the highest sound insulation rating (Rw = 58 dB) with a thickness of 125mm.
  • Type SA: Semi-automatic version of SONICO mobile walls.


  • SONICO mobile walls park easily, quickly, and quietly.
  • Configurations are limitless, with options for flat, curved, ascending (for auditoriums), and around corners.
  • A wide range of interior design benefits is possible.
  • Five types of SONICO mobile partition walls: 100/110/120/SA.
  • Mobile walls have no length limitation, with a maximum height of up to 12m. Taller walls can be created upon request.
  • A wide range of sound insulation options, ranging from 38dB to 58 dB.
  • The aluminium rail can be seamlessly integrated into various ceiling types.
  • Single or double doors can be integrated into the modules.
  • Fire-resistant versions are available upon request.

Price of Sonico mobile walls

Please note that pricing for SONICO mobile walls will depend on specific project requirements, such as size, finishes, and features, and will be determined for each project individually. If you want to implement SONICO mobile walls, we can provide a customised budget tailored to your needs.

Overview of the Project Process

The process typically includes discussing your requirements, taking measurements on-site, and creating detailed drawings for your approval. The project will then move into production, with the installation a few weeks later.